mars 26, 2004

New HPV racing organisation to record unfaired rides

Currently there are a number of records organizations for bicycle records. The UCI records records for all standard upright bikes with no aerodynamic modifications. The IHPVA records absolute records for any type of human powered vehicle.

The World Recumbent Racing Association has been organized to recognize the accomplishments of non-faired recumbent bicycle racers, and to keep a record of those accomplishments. As there was previously no organization that records these feats, the WRRA is in the unique position to begin this task. Separate records categories will be available for Men and Women in 3 different age categories each. In addition, records for unfaired, tail cone, and nose cone recumbent vehicles will be recorded.

Note that the WRRA does not organize, sanction, insure or oversee events or record attempts. The WRRA exists only to record outstanding achievements on recumbent bicycles and ensure that these achievements were accomplished in a consistent and fair manner.

See for more details.

Warren Beauchamp

Postat av Jan-Inge datum mars 26, 2004 09:32 FM

WRRA ser ut som att vara en självutnämnd organisation. En konstig del av reglerna är bl.a. att de uteslutar 'vanliga'cyklar, men även tandem och prone-cyklar. Reglerna har enligt min mening samma problem som UCI-reglerna, nämligen att de försöker att definiera någon slags standardcyklar.

Postat av: Mars datum mars 29, 2004 02:07 EM
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