Book report

It is time for a book report. What have I been reading during the autumn?
The Teeth of the Tiger, Tom Clancy. Very good good book. The Ryan story continues, this time with about Jack Ryan Jr. If you have enjoyed the other Clancy books the you will like this one.
En annan tid, ett annat liv. Leif GW Persson. Good police story about a small murder that turns into something bigger. Not the best book I have read but entertaining.
Ondskan. Jan Guillou. The book about Guillou’s childhood, or at least that is what he says. Rumours say that he has made up the whole thing though. Independently of it is true or not it was a very good book.
Häxornas försvarare. Guillou, Jan. Started reading this a while back but I stopped after a few chapters. I started reading it just after finished the fourth Arn book and it was just too much old times (at that time :-).
Tornseglarna, Kristoffer Leandoer. A childrens fantasy book about parallel worlds. I didn’t know it was a childrens book when starting it but it was good anyhow 🙂
Ont blod, Arne Dahl. Murder, murders, murders. Very good detective story. Read it!
Skuld, Karin Alvtegen. Now this was a good movie. Sort of a book with a nice twist. I like those. Well worth reading.
Rita Rubinstein åker tunnelbana i den bästa av världar. Anita Goldman. Boring. About how it is to be jewish in Stockholm. Only read about 1/3.
Right now I am reading The Plague, Albert Camus. I have read bout 1/5 but I am thinking about switching. To the Davincy Code perhaps?
And several more that I have forgotten about.

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